Coffee Varieties

Light roast for your coffee fundraiser

Fruity and spicy with chocolate and floral undertones. Light body and a bright acidity.

Whole Bean &Ground

Medium roast for your coffee fundraiser

Roasted peanuts, honey, and tart cherry flavors enhance the medium body and bold acidity.

Whole Bean &Ground

Dark roast for your coffee fundraiser

Bold, rich, and slightly sweet. Spring wheat, Cane sugar, and hints of Tobacco shine through the heavy body and mellow acidity.

Whole Bean &Ground


frequently asked questions

Q:How do we get started?

A:Click here to complete contact information. Otherwise, you are welcome to call (855.288.2739) or email

Q: What is the minimum order?

A:60 bags of coffee.

Q:How many coffees do you offer?

A:We offer three blends, light, medium and dark, each available in Ground or Whole Bean.

Q:What does the coffee cost and what should we sell it for?

A:The coffee cost is $6.00 per bag. We recommend reselling the coffee for $12.00 per bag. Same price your customers would pay at the grocery store.

Q:How many bags of coffee must be sold to participate in the Custom Label Program?

A:Minimum of 360 bags of coffee.

Q:Do you offer free shipping?

A:Yes, shipping is free on all orders to the continental United States.

Q:When will my order ship?

A:Within two weeks after the order is placed.

Q:How do we process payment for the coffee?

A:Money orders and all credit cards are accepted as payment.

Q:Who can sell our coffee?

A:Anyone! Our coffee can be sold by any organization or group.

Q:What is the back label sponsorship?

A:This opportunity greatly increases your revenue potential. One of our fundraising experts will walk you through this process.

Q:Why would we choose to sell coffee for our fundraiser rather than something else?

A:Our coffee fundraisers are incredibly simple. Our fundraising option has proven to be enormously successful for
PTA fundraisers, music departments, FFA groups, Special Olympics and many more. No spoiling fruit, cookie dough,
pizzas etc. Free shipping to all customers, earn 50% profit !

Coffee fundraisers are perfect for cheerleaders, sports teams and other school groups